Overall Learning Reflection

Overall Learning Reflection

This is my overall learning reflection of my grade 10 enriched English class. I will be covering the blogs I written, Romeo and Juliet, and the literature circles.

To begin, we started talking about the structure of a blog in the beginning of the year. Our teacher said the blogs were the most important part of the class because that’s where he is going to mark almost all of our assignment. My first blog post was my opinion post about comparing the Wii U to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I thought the Wii U was superior over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One because the Wii U was cheaper, had better exclusives, better co-op play, it had backwards compatibility, and the games had a better experience for players. But, after getting back I realized my post had some serious flaws to it, first I didn’t cite my the pictures and information I got for my blog, second my blog was heavily opinion based and had next to no facts about the Wii U, finally some of my information wasn’t accurate. So when we were assigned to fix our blog posts and turn them into essay to improve our mark I did extra research about the Wii U put in more facts to it and turn it into a persuasive essay.

The other major blog assignment I was assigned to do was the blogger of the week where every week a couple of students present to us a blog they wrote that is on a topic they are passionate about or something they thought was interesting. I choose to do Why 16 year-olds should vote because this was a topic I strongly believed in and I wanted the class to know about my opinion on the topic. After I presented my topic to the class I received many comments from my peers about their thoughts and opinion about my topic. I think the whole blog aspect of the class helped improve my writing skills because it helped me expand my vocabulary to strengthen my articles, taught me to rely more on facts than opinion because having an opinion is fine but, if you have no facts to support it than what’s the point, and the blog lessons to taught me to use the proper MLA format when I cite my work. The blogger of the week presentation helped me improve oral skills because I have never had a presentation that was longer than 5 minutes so it was a new experience for me to talk this long in front of class. I learned during a presentation I need to relax, talk slowly, and come prepared so I don’t pause every few minutes. Overall I thought I did ok but I believed there were areas where I could have improved in.

Next, in the middle of the semester we started talking about the play Romeo and Juliet. I honestly wasn’t fond of the play because the play is talked about so much on T.V. and seen in movies that I knew what was going to happen so the whole play itself didn’t surprise me in any way and I’m not into tragedies either. After reading the play we analyzed 3 different movie versions of the book and a comic book. I was also assigned to compare Act 1 from the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet to the 2013 version. I personally found the 2013 version to be better because it was more exciting and sort of brought new twists to the story. I found the 1968 version to be more accurate to the play I found the movie to be dull and everything through costumes to music were atrocious. We also looked at the 1968 balcony scene and 1996 balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. I found the 1968 version to have a better balcony scene because it was more accurate to the play and had more passion. While I found the 1996 to have awkward moments with the whole security guard and pool situation. Also the scene had next to no passion to it so it was clear the 1968 version of the scene was better. We also did music video analysis by comparing Romeo and Juliet scenes to popular songs. I founded this assignments to be quite enjoyable because I saw Romeo and Juliet in a different perspective and learned that things are not always what they seem in a play.

We also did a dramatic play for a given part of Romeo and Juliet. My group was Act 4 Scene 5 and I was playing Lady Capulet so I knew I had to go deep into character and the scene in my opinion was a success. The dramatic play really taught me to step outside my comfort zone when it came to acting in a scene and to really put life into the character I was playing.

Finally, near the end of the semester we started doing literature circles which was the most enjoyable part of the semester for me. We got several options of books to choose from and I choose the book To Kill a Mocking- bird and the great thing about it was many of my friends choose the same book. Each week, everyone had a role they had to complete after reading a certain amount of chapters the book. The roles were summarizer, making connections, word wizard, passage master, and illustrator. Each week the roles were switched and every Friday for 5 weeks we all had a discussion of the events that occurred of what we read so far. Also shared what we did for our roles during that week. I found these conversations to be engaging and it helped me see everyone’s insight of the book.

In conclusion, I feel I made a huge improvement on my writing during my time in this course. I have become a better  writer, presenter, blogger and even actor. I really learned a lot from our teacher and I can’t wait to apply the lessons I learned from him to grade 11. I started this and course and grade 10 with the mindset that everything was going to be easy but, I was sorely mistaken which was my major flaw this year. I want to enter grade 11 with the mindset of wanting to know more and learn from my mistakes and I want to keep improving as a student and a person. Thank you for the great semester.

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