Blogger of the Week Reflection

Blogger of the Week Reflection

Learn English | British Council,. ‘Blogging Or Print?’. N.p., 2015. Web. 16 June 2015.

How often did you participate: I have made 8 comments on other people’s Bloggers of the Weeks and I made 10 comments on my own Blogger of the Week.


Discussion Blog Titles and authors:         The Positive Impacts of Technology on Healthcare Mahruf K.

                                                                             Robots or Kids? Rawn S.

                                                                             Why You Should Read Alex E.

                                                                             Sweatshops and Modern Day Slavery Subhan A.

                                                                             What is a Search Engine? Mohammed M.

                                                                             Space Colonization – Mars & Venus Elliot I.

                                                                             Is School Stressing You Out? Adam S.

                                                                             Nuclear Throne and What Makes a Video Game Fun Thomas P.

                                                                             Online Versus Offline Clarissa D.


Please provide a rating for YOUR overall contributions to discussions [1(poor) – 5 (excellent)] 3.5: I gave myself this rating because I was active in the Blogger of the Week post and for some of my comments I to try to continue the conversation by asking a questions especially during my own Blogger of the Week post



  1. Is there some aspect of the topic, results, conclusions, or concepts for which you gained a deeper understanding of through the blog discussion? Was there some aspect of the posts you explored that you hadn’t thought of or that you ‘learned’ about from the discussion? In other words, what aspect of the post was clarified or illuminated as a result of the blog discussion?


Of all the blogs posted in class there was one in particular that gave me a deeper understanding of the topic. That blog is Alex’s blog on why you should read because his reply to my comment helped me understand that he isn’t picky on the genres of books he reads and he is willing to expand his interest in books by reading anything that appeals to him in some way.


  1. Were there aspects of the discussions that led to more confusion for you compared to when you read the blog post alone? Was the confusion resolved through discussion? Please explain (make specific reference to the blogs involved ­ direct quotations may be appropriate ­ reference the author).


I didn’t find any sort of confusion during my discussion with the authors that replied to my comments. The ones that replied to my comments gave me insight to their opinions, clarified something for me nad gave me a deeper understanding of their topic




  1. Evaluate your role in the Blogger of the Week discussions, in particular please answer the following two questions: What did you do that was effective at contributing to the discussion(s)? Be specific (adding screenshots of your contributing or copying to your blog may be appropriate). What areas do you need improvement


I was effective on contributing to discussions because when I replied to peoples comments I often asked them a question on how to improve a certain thing or their own personal opinion about the topic. To improve I think I should of added external links such as articles and videos.


  1. Can you think of a contribution from another student that stood out in your mind that helped move the discussion along or help the class to move to a deeper understanding of the material? What did the student do? (no need to mention names, just describe what the students did or said).


One particular student who helped contribute to the class discussion the most is Elliot. Elliot always puts outs an honest opinion on the majority of the topics we discuss in class. An example of this is during my blogger of the week presentation because I was having a little trouble finding an argument to some people’s opinion about my topic and when Elliot stepped in and shared with a class a meaningful and strong argument that supports my opinion about my blog topic. Also he always gives some sort of constructive criticism to other people’s blogs which helps them improve on their mark


  1. Do you have any recommendations to the class as a whole to improve class discussions? How are discussions different in an online space versus those held face ­to ­face? How are they similar?


I believe during class discussions its always the same 4 to 5 people always at the heart of the discussion and everyone else is just sitting not caring about the topic that much. I think a way to improve on that is randomly ask someone in the class on their opinion on the topic so we can get insight from everyone instead of the same 4 to 5 people. When you compare online space to face to face discussions I find that online discussions and comments are well researched but by the time both people in the conversation laid out all the facts the conversation ends. But, a class discussions or a face to face discussions with someone you would probably have more to say and bring better meaning to the topic. Also you have better understanding on someone when you hear their opinion on certain topics.


  1. What are your overall thoughts of the Blogger of the Week assignment? Do you have any suggestions for me moving forward to either: a) improve the assignment; or b) revise the structure, delivery, or scheduling of the assignment itself? Be specific as your opinions will be very helpful for me as I plan for future classes.


I thought the whole blogger of the week assignment was a great idea but there were I believe should change. First of all, I believe that comments shouldn’t be mandatory or part of our mark because in my opinion it sort of discourages me from reading other people’s blogs because I have to spend 20 minutes trying to write a meaningful comment. Another thing to improve on is make the assignment earlier in the year because those who go latter get less comment because of exam times and not much criticism either. By doing that it will give everyone a fair chance to make the strongest blog post possible. But, overall the assignment was great and I think you should do it in the future.



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