The Jiblog’s Most Wanted

The Jiblog’s Most Wanted

Picture of Stereotypical Criminal [1]

I have made a list of all the most dangerous criminals around the world. The crimes these criminals have commit are so heinous that I suggest you collect your thoughts after reading this blog.


Jeromy Wilson’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $344,000,000 [2]

Jeromy “Reich Chains” Wilson

He is the leader of the Mariachi Syndicate who has committed several crimes across Canada and the world. He is wanted for the following things:

  • Bribing several people with TF2 hats
  • Congaing across the streets of Washington D.C. while Cory was in the house
  • Leading a group of dogs to lick a mail man to death
  • Prank calling Pizza Hut
  • Getting called on for disrespect during a water polo game

This man is a threat to the world and has receive a bounty of $344,000,000. Beware this man’s weapon of choice is the gibus hat with pyrovision googles.


Alexander Egoron’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $530,000,000 [3]

Alexander “Pwnclub” Egoron

This 4 star criminal has hacked, cheated, and raged his way as one of the most wanted man in the jib world. He is wanted for the following offences

  • Cheating at Nintendo land (we have proof he did it}
  • Hating on Survivor
  • Bought a Donut and complain there was a hole in it
  • Hates amiibos
  • A viewer of the video Sweet Genius
  • Knowing too much
  • Too Suspect

This maniac is wanted by every country across the world and has received a bounty of $530,000,000. When you encounter him his weapon of choice is a white gauntlet that creates portal.


Sebastiano Martin’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $198,000,000 [4]

Sebastiano “Tipper Gnome” Martin

This top class criminal has committed so many offences that even some criminals have created a cult called “The Followers of Tipper Gnome”. He is wanted for the following things:

  • Releasing the Pokémon Tropius into the streets of New York
  • Lied
  • Lied even more
  • Spent $2.00 on a joke
  • Prefers Rider over Gilgamesh
  • Tasered several people
  • Runs the famous cult “The Worshippers of Tropius”

This liar is a major threat to the Canadian and American government who has a bounty of $198,000,000. Beware he is Tropius’ wizard so he has the blessing of Tropius’ power and he will use it, proceed with caution.


Elliott Ivanskiski’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $216,000,000 [5]

Elliota “The Shrek” Ivanskiski

This man is the most resourceful criminal of all the men in the Jiblog most wanted. He has connection in every continent in the world and his base rumoured to be located in Djibouti. He is wanted for the following offences:

  • Knowing too much about the government
  • Jay walking
  • Called pizza hut and asked them” where could I find good pizza?”
  • Threw swamp water at someone
  • Having relations with a mysterious man named Donkey
  • Robbed a gas station with a banana

This menace is a big threat to the world and has received a bounty of $216,000,000. Beware his weapon of choice is his mind.


Mahruf Khushmohammad’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $666,000,000 [6]

Mahruf “Gaben” Khushmohammad

This 5 star criminal has wreaked havoc among the world for several years now and he is likely to do more. His following offences are:

  • Prank calling Pizza Hut by saying “Pizza Hut more like Pizza But”
  • Creating the song “ We are Russian Dancing Men”
  • Cheating at Mario Party 10
  • Not inviting Cory to the house
  • Hasn’t eaten milk duds

He is one of our most dangerous criminals with a bounty of $666,000,000. Be careful though he is armed with a massive amount of pistols proceed with caution when approaching him.


Najib Hersi’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $850,000,000 [7]

Najib “Funky Dunk” Hersi

He is the most dangerous criminal on this list and has committed offences so heinous that it makes some of the other crimes that the other criminals did look like child’s play. The following offences include:

  • Brought Mountain Dew and Doritos to an outing with friends
  • Being too awesome
  • Has owned an Xbox 360
  • Has created a faction to oppose the whole world the Jib Squad
  • Being too good at Super Smash Bros (been called a hacker)
  • Being too amazing
  • Stole millions of dollars to buy all the amiibos so no one else could have any
  • Lollygagging

He is the most wanted man in the world with a bounty of $850,000,000. Beware don’t approach him he knows how to shout the ancient dragon tongue and several more dangerous abilities.

That’s everyone comment below if you have any leads on the whereabouts of these dangerous criminals.


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