Why Boom Beach is Superior over Clash of Clans

Why Boom Beach is Superior over Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are two of Supercell’s most popular games on the Android and IOS. Clash of Clans is a freemium MMO (massively multiplayer online) which was made in 2012 by Supercell. While Boom Beach is a freemium mobile strategy game which was made in 2013 by Supercell. In my opinion there is no contest between both games because its obvious Boom Beach is the better of the two. The whole point of both games is to make a base powerful enough that other players can’t destroy your town hall (for Clash of Clans) or your head quarters (Boom Beach). You fill your base with resources so you have enough money to buy things and defensive weapons so you can protect your base from other players during an attack. You can also train and level up troops so you can attack other people’s bases or play campaign mode where you deal with goblins (in Clash of Clans) or the Blackguard (Boom Beach). Clash of Clans has more medieval and mystical like setting with characters units such as Barbarians, Archers, Giants, and Dragons. On the other hand Boom Beach has more modern military like setting with units like Rifleman, Bazookas, Heavies, and Doctors. Now that I have given you a general Idea of both games now I’m going to show you why Boom Beach is better than Clash of Clans.

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Boom Beach Has Shorter Build Times

The time to upgrade resources, building, and defensive weapons is so long in Clash of Clans that I want to rip out the small amount of hair I have left. Seriously the time for some of these buildings take forever, it takes two weeks to make a level ten town hall that’s ridiculous. The only upside to having these buildings take a long time to make is that they are multiple builders so you can work on upgrading buildings, defences, and resources. The beautiful thing about boom beach is that building times are a lot faster. I have been playing Boom Beach for about 3 weeks now and I’m at a level 6 Headquarters, it took me almost a year to get to town hall 8. This is because the time difference between upgrades for levels of resources, defences, and building is really short in Boo Beach compared to Clash of Clans.

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Boom Beach has Better Unit Management/ Attacks

When I played Clash of Clans I felt like the invasions on other peoples bases were a joke now that I look back. Let’s say you want to invade someone’s base for resources you must first train troops for the assault. Also you have army camps to store your troops. I personally don’t have a major problem with the training process but compared to Boom Beach it’s slow and inefficient. In Boom Beach instead of army camps you have landing crafts to store troops for battle. Also replacing units in battle is very quick because you have the option to replace units you have lost in battle. The training costs are cheaper in Boom Beach. Furthermore, you can only hold one type of unit in each landing craft, I found that to be amazing because you can use a wide variety of troops in battle but in Clash of Clans I mostly see people spam one type of troop like Barbarians and Archers. The battles in Clash of Clans compared to Boom Beach like I mentioned earlier are a joke and here is why. In Clash of Clans you just put where your troops one to go then let nature take its course. There is next to no strategy in my opinion because after you put your troops into battle they have a mind of their own and they go and destroy who they please. On the other hand, in Boom Beach you have a weapon called the gunboat you can use before raiding someone’s base. I personally like this weapon because you get three missile with your gunboat and you can potentially destroy at least one defence son that’s were strategy comes into play. Also you have flares so you can actually direct your troops to the direction where they want to go.

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Boom Beach Has No walls/ Other Benefits

The one thing that wants to make me rip my hair out more than building times are purchasing and placing walls in Clash of Clans. Walls are basically highway robbery because as you level up walls become expenses. At max level one wall part cost 4,000,000 gold which is half of the maximum capacity of gold you can have in the game. It gets worse the maximum amount of wall parts you can have is 250 which I find absurd. Boom Beach has no walls and the closest thing to it are mines which are really cheap. To add there are other benefits to Boom Beach they include:

  • When your base is invaded in Clash of Clans and they succeed in destroying your town hall you will lose part of your resources but, in Boom Beach you won’t and you gain diamonds (a form of currency in Boom Beach that helps you speed up building time and training troops) on the amount of troops you killed
  • The matchmaking for invading bases for Boom Beach is more balanced in Clash of Clans because if you fail unlike in Clash of Clans you have the option to try again until you win. Furthermore, you have the option to pick the opponents you want in Boom Beach but in Clash you got to keep going through random bases until you find one you think you can beat.
  • Boom Beach has a better campaign than Clash of Clans


I hoped you like my post please comment below to share your thoughts on both games and to tell me anything I didn’t mention. Below there is a video of a Boom Beach advertisement that inspired me to play the game hope you guys like it. Now Back to Boom Beach!


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  1. Hey Najib! Like you I also play Boom Beach, and have played clash fro many years prior. I agree with you, however, seemingly for different reasons. Boom Beach’s biggest benefit is is its faster paced game play. you spend less time waiting for things to upgrade, their is not shield, so there’s nothing holding you back from attacking as much as possible, and their are bonus challenges almost every day, encouraging regular play. Overall, this means less wait time, and more game-play, which really keeps the game alive.

    However, there is one thing in particular that Clash of Clans does better then boom beach, and that is multiplayer aspects. The ability to donate troops to your allies, and wars force you to work with and actively engage with your clan. Something that Boom Beach is severely lacking.

    Anyway, cool article!


    “When your base is invaded in Clash of Clans and they succeed in destroying your town hall you will lose part of your resources but, in Boom Beach you won’t and you gain diamonds (a form of currency in Boom Beach that helps you speed up building time and training troops) on the amount of troops you killed”


    “The matchmaking for invading bases for Boom Beach is more balanced in Clash of Clans because it’s more balanced.”

    does not make sense, and needs to be re-worded

    • Thanks for the comment Elliot, I’m glad to hear the opinion of someone else who has played both games. I fixed all of the mistakes you found in my article and I also have a question for you, “What should Boom Beach try to improve their multiplayer?”

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