Romeo and Juliet POV Diary: Romeo

Romeo and Juliet POV Diary: Romeo

Wednesday, June 3rd, 1303

I had never been this deeply in love with a women like Juliet in the entire time I walked on this earth.Her face resembles an angle who fell from the highest part of the heavens. Her beauty overwhelms the most beautiful goddess in legends. I had the greatest honor of seeing her face tonight. As I climbed up the tree and got up the balcony our eyes meet and we sealed everything with a passionate kiss.

We are going to get married tomorrow and i’m filled with both excitement and joy as the women I love will become mine in holy matrimony. This will become the most wonderful day in my life. Oh i wish I could share it with both Mother and Father but alas, she is a capulet my sworn mortal enemy.

But, they can kill me before I ever give up on my sweet Juliet. The wedding is tomorrow so I should get some sleep. At daybreak tomorrow my sweet Juliet and I will be together forever.

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