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The Jiblog Post


There are a variety of news stories on the internet that interested me when I researching news stories through sports, technology, music, and many more. This story I heard in Business class  today really interested me and I wanted to learn more about it and share it on my blog.

Barcelona school killing

Students, believed to be from the same classroom where a teacher was killed, leave the school


A 13 year old boy in Barcelona Spain, killed a substitute teacher and wounded 4 other students at his high school. The boy was armed with both a crossbow and a machete. He was taken into custody by police soon after the attack and they did not release the name of the boy. The police of Barcelona said that the boy had no motive for murder.

Joe Miguel Company, spokesman for the Barcelona prosecutor’s office quoted, “He was very disturbed and saying strange incoherent things.”

Those who were injured by the boy were expected to survive. But, criminal charges cannot be filed against the boy since he is under 14 (Under Spanish law, criminal charges cannot be filed against a suspect under the age of 14). But, he will be evaluated by both a judge and a mental health profession so he will either be sent to a mental hospital or juvenile detention hall.


This story raised a lot of questions for me I’m going to list the 2 big ones I had,

  • How did nobody at the school notice he had such dangerous weapons at his possession?
  • Will the school increase it security and make any major changes to protect the students and teachers?

My overall opinion of this story is that the boy should be sent to a mental hospital because no sane person would commit those sort of actions. Also the Spanish government should consider laws of accessing fire arms like a crossbow. I also think the person who provided the boy with the weapon was extremely careless and should change his or her policy on selling weapons.




I want you guys to tell me your opinion on the story and address any facts or questions that you want to tell me that relates to this post.


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