Overall Learning Reflection

Overall Learning Reflection

This is my overall learning reflection of my grade 10 enriched English class. I will be covering the blogs I written, Romeo and Juliet, and the literature circles.

To begin, we started talking about the structure of a blog in the beginning of the year. Our teacher said the blogs were the most important part of the class because that’s where he is going to mark almost all of our assignment. My first blog post was my opinion post about comparing the Wii U to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I thought the Wii U was superior over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One because the Wii U was cheaper, had better exclusives, better co-op play, it had backwards compatibility, and the games had a better experience for players. But, after getting back I realized my post had some serious flaws to it, first I didn’t cite my the pictures and information I got for my blog, second my blog was heavily opinion based and had next to no facts about the Wii U, finally some of my information wasn’t accurate. So when we were assigned to fix our blog posts and turn them into essay to improve our mark I did extra research about the Wii U put in more facts to it and turn it into a persuasive essay.

The other major blog assignment I was assigned to do was the blogger of the week where every week a couple of students present to us a blog they wrote that is on a topic they are passionate about or something they thought was interesting. I choose to do Why 16 year-olds should vote because this was a topic I strongly believed in and I wanted the class to know about my opinion on the topic. After I presented my topic to the class I received many comments from my peers about their thoughts and opinion about my topic. I think the whole blog aspect of the class helped improve my writing skills because it helped me expand my vocabulary to strengthen my articles, taught me to rely more on facts than opinion because having an opinion is fine but, if you have no facts to support it than what’s the point, and the blog lessons to taught me to use the proper MLA format when I cite my work. The blogger of the week presentation helped me improve oral skills because I have never had a presentation that was longer than 5 minutes so it was a new experience for me to talk this long in front of class. I learned during a presentation I need to relax, talk slowly, and come prepared so I don’t pause every few minutes. Overall I thought I did ok but I believed there were areas where I could have improved in.

Next, in the middle of the semester we started talking about the play Romeo and Juliet. I honestly wasn’t fond of the play because the play is talked about so much on T.V. and seen in movies that I knew what was going to happen so the whole play itself didn’t surprise me in any way and I’m not into tragedies either. After reading the play we analyzed 3 different movie versions of the book and a comic book. I was also assigned to compare Act 1 from the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet to the 2013 version. I personally found the 2013 version to be better because it was more exciting and sort of brought new twists to the story. I found the 1968 version to be more accurate to the play I found the movie to be dull and everything through costumes to music were atrocious. We also looked at the 1968 balcony scene and 1996 balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. I found the 1968 version to have a better balcony scene because it was more accurate to the play and had more passion. While I found the 1996 to have awkward moments with the whole security guard and pool situation. Also the scene had next to no passion to it so it was clear the 1968 version of the scene was better. We also did music video analysis by comparing Romeo and Juliet scenes to popular songs. I founded this assignments to be quite enjoyable because I saw Romeo and Juliet in a different perspective and learned that things are not always what they seem in a play.

We also did a dramatic play for a given part of Romeo and Juliet. My group was Act 4 Scene 5 and I was playing Lady Capulet so I knew I had to go deep into character and the scene in my opinion was a success. The dramatic play really taught me to step outside my comfort zone when it came to acting in a scene and to really put life into the character I was playing.

Finally, near the end of the semester we started doing literature circles which was the most enjoyable part of the semester for me. We got several options of books to choose from and I choose the book To Kill a Mocking- bird and the great thing about it was many of my friends choose the same book. Each week, everyone had a role they had to complete after reading a certain amount of chapters the book. The roles were summarizer, making connections, word wizard, passage master, and illustrator. Each week the roles were switched and every Friday for 5 weeks we all had a discussion of the events that occurred of what we read so far. Also shared what we did for our roles during that week. I found these conversations to be engaging and it helped me see everyone’s insight of the book.

In conclusion, I feel I made a huge improvement on my writing during my time in this course. I have become a better  writer, presenter, blogger and even actor. I really learned a lot from our teacher and I can’t wait to apply the lessons I learned from him to grade 11. I started this and course and grade 10 with the mindset that everything was going to be easy but, I was sorely mistaken which was my major flaw this year. I want to enter grade 11 with the mindset of wanting to know more and learn from my mistakes and I want to keep improving as a student and a person. Thank you for the great semester.

Blogger of the Week Reflection

Blogger of the Week Reflection

Learn English | British Council,. ‘Blogging Or Print?’. N.p., 2015. Web. 16 June 2015.https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/business-magazine/blogging-or-print

How often did you participate: I have made 8 comments on other people’s Bloggers of the Weeks and I made 10 comments on my own Blogger of the Week.


Discussion Blog Titles and authors:         The Positive Impacts of Technology on Healthcare Mahruf K.

                                                                             Robots or Kids? Rawn S.

                                                                             Why You Should Read Alex E.

                                                                             Sweatshops and Modern Day Slavery Subhan A.

                                                                             What is a Search Engine? Mohammed M.

                                                                             Space Colonization – Mars & Venus Elliot I.

                                                                             Is School Stressing You Out? Adam S.

                                                                             Nuclear Throne and What Makes a Video Game Fun Thomas P.

                                                                             Online Versus Offline Clarissa D.


Please provide a rating for YOUR overall contributions to discussions [1(poor) – 5 (excellent)] 3.5: I gave myself this rating because I was active in the Blogger of the Week post and for some of my comments I to try to continue the conversation by asking a questions especially during my own Blogger of the Week post



  1. Is there some aspect of the topic, results, conclusions, or concepts for which you gained a deeper understanding of through the blog discussion? Was there some aspect of the posts you explored that you hadn’t thought of or that you ‘learned’ about from the discussion? In other words, what aspect of the post was clarified or illuminated as a result of the blog discussion?


Of all the blogs posted in class there was one in particular that gave me a deeper understanding of the topic. That blog is Alex’s blog on why you should read because his reply to my comment helped me understand that he isn’t picky on the genres of books he reads and he is willing to expand his interest in books by reading anything that appeals to him in some way.


  1. Were there aspects of the discussions that led to more confusion for you compared to when you read the blog post alone? Was the confusion resolved through discussion? Please explain (make specific reference to the blogs involved ­ direct quotations may be appropriate ­ reference the author).


I didn’t find any sort of confusion during my discussion with the authors that replied to my comments. The ones that replied to my comments gave me insight to their opinions, clarified something for me nad gave me a deeper understanding of their topic




  1. Evaluate your role in the Blogger of the Week discussions, in particular please answer the following two questions: What did you do that was effective at contributing to the discussion(s)? Be specific (adding screenshots of your contributing or copying to your blog may be appropriate). What areas do you need improvement


I was effective on contributing to discussions because when I replied to peoples comments I often asked them a question on how to improve a certain thing or their own personal opinion about the topic. To improve I think I should of added external links such as articles and videos.


  1. Can you think of a contribution from another student that stood out in your mind that helped move the discussion along or help the class to move to a deeper understanding of the material? What did the student do? (no need to mention names, just describe what the students did or said).


One particular student who helped contribute to the class discussion the most is Elliot. Elliot always puts outs an honest opinion on the majority of the topics we discuss in class. An example of this is during my blogger of the week presentation because I was having a little trouble finding an argument to some people’s opinion about my topic and when Elliot stepped in and shared with a class a meaningful and strong argument that supports my opinion about my blog topic. Also he always gives some sort of constructive criticism to other people’s blogs which helps them improve on their mark


  1. Do you have any recommendations to the class as a whole to improve class discussions? How are discussions different in an online space versus those held face ­to ­face? How are they similar?


I believe during class discussions its always the same 4 to 5 people always at the heart of the discussion and everyone else is just sitting not caring about the topic that much. I think a way to improve on that is randomly ask someone in the class on their opinion on the topic so we can get insight from everyone instead of the same 4 to 5 people. When you compare online space to face to face discussions I find that online discussions and comments are well researched but by the time both people in the conversation laid out all the facts the conversation ends. But, a class discussions or a face to face discussions with someone you would probably have more to say and bring better meaning to the topic. Also you have better understanding on someone when you hear their opinion on certain topics.


  1. What are your overall thoughts of the Blogger of the Week assignment? Do you have any suggestions for me moving forward to either: a) improve the assignment; or b) revise the structure, delivery, or scheduling of the assignment itself? Be specific as your opinions will be very helpful for me as I plan for future classes.


I thought the whole blogger of the week assignment was a great idea but there were I believe should change. First of all, I believe that comments shouldn’t be mandatory or part of our mark because in my opinion it sort of discourages me from reading other people’s blogs because I have to spend 20 minutes trying to write a meaningful comment. Another thing to improve on is make the assignment earlier in the year because those who go latter get less comment because of exam times and not much criticism either. By doing that it will give everyone a fair chance to make the strongest blog post possible. But, overall the assignment was great and I think you should do it in the future.



The Wii U the Ultimate New Generation Console (Essay)

The Wii U the Ultimate New Generation Console (Essay)

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have all dominated console gaming for the past few decades. Each company’s consoles has something unique to it through design, features, exclusives, and much more but, the question is which current generation console is the best? The Wii U is an eighth generation gaming console that is the successor of the Nintendo Wii which were both manufactured by Nintendo. The Wii U was released in North America on November 18, 2012 and is Nintendo’s sixth home console. The Wii U consists of several aspects that make it far more appealing and superior than the PlayStation 4 (created by Sony) and the Xbox One (created by Microsoft). Through its better prices, unique features, and better exclusives the Wii U is far better exceptional console than both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


To start, the Wii U is the only console out there with great quality through games, features, and many more for a lower price. The Wii U has better bundles for cheaper prices for example, The Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set which includes the Wii U hardware, gamepad, the co-op game Super Mario 3D World, the party game Nintendo land, and with additional storage space and accessories.[2] All of this is for $299.00 which is considered to be an amazing deal compared to the PlayStation 4 500GB the Last of Us Remastered Bundle for $449.99 [4] and the Xbox One + Halo Master Chief Collection Bundle for $349.99 [5] because both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles only come with one game and less materials to them. Also, the leading Wii U games start at about $50.00 to $60.00 while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are $60.00 to $70.00. Also to add, the Wii U controllers are cheaper than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers. For example a Wii remote plus controller costs $40.00 and the Wii u pro controller costs $50.00 while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers cost $60.00. [1] Another example of the Wii u having better prices is that Nintendo doesn’t charge you for online services unlike the PlayStation 4 which charges $49.99 per year for PlayStation plus and Xbox One which charges $59.99 per year for Xbox Live Gold. Now that the advantages for the Wii U when it comes to price have been explained lets continue with an explanation of the Wii U’s amazing features. [6]


Secondly, the Wii U contains a lot more features than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can ever have for several reasons. To start off, unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the Wii U is the only console in this generation to have backwards compatibility. “This means that you’re free to play any of your old Wii games on your Wii U, or buy cheap used Wii games”.[1] The Wii U also has Miiverse which is like Nintendo’s version of Facebook on a console. The thing that makes Miiverse so great is its accessible just minutes after you set up your Wii U. In Miiverse you can take and share screenshots of games with others and since Nintendo is a family friendly there is no foul language of any kind in Miiverse. The Wii U also has local multiplayer (something that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have limited lately) which consist of fun co-op games that are enjoyable with friends and family. These games include New Super Luigi U, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and Super Mario 3D World. “The Wii U offers multiple control configurations unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, also making it among the most consumer-friendly dedicated gaming consoles of all time”. [3] These controllers are the pro controller which has a similar design to the gamepad and an Xbox controller but no touch screen, a Wii remote which was the controller for the previous console the Wii and is compatible with the Wii U, and the gamepad which is the most unique of the three controllers. The main reasons the gamepad is unique because unlike most controllers if you lose or break your gamepad you have to buy a brand new console because you can’t buy a new gamepad. Also, you are able to play games on the gamepad without having to turn on the T.V. so if you have a sibling who wants to play on a different console or watch T.V. you can still play on your gamepad. Now that the unique features of the Wii U have been addressed lets finish with talking about the great exclusives on the Wii U.


Finally, the Wii U has the best exclusives out with some of the best game franchises in history. The two best exclusives out for the Wii U are Super Smash Brothers Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD. Super Smash Brother is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Super Smash Brothers brought a new face to the fighting genre of gaming by adding percentages instead of life gauges. Smash Brothers Wii U brings all of Nintendo’s most popular characters together for one brawl to decide who is number one. Super Smash Brothers also help promote helped make consumers aware of other Nintendo characters and game franchises and indirectly promote other Nintendo games. Super Smash Brothers Wii U broke a Wii U sale record for selling 490,000 physical copies in its first 3 days in North America.[7] PlayStation sort of has their own version of Super Smash Brothers which is called PlayStation All Stars. Though the game is fun playing with friends it doesn’t have the hype, game mechanics, and iconic characters Super Smash Brothers Wii U and there is no fighting game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that can compete with Super Smash Brothers Wii U in sales. Another great exclusive the Wii U offers is Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD which is the HD version of the original game that was released on a previous Nintendo console the GameCube in 2003. It’s the tenth game of the famous Zelda franchise and the basic plot is you are playing as a young boy named Link and you are trying to stop a man named Gannondof for obtaining all the pieces of the triforce. Wind Waker HD sold 152,000 copies in North America and since the game was part of a bundle for the Wii U an extra 35,000 Wii U consoles were sold which boost sales by 31%.[8] The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One don’t have any game franchises and exclusives that are as popular as the Wii U or remember able.


In conclusion, The Wii U consists of several aspects that make it far more appealing and superior than the PlayStation 4 (created by Sony) and the Xbox One (created by Microsoft). Through its better prices, unique features, and better exclusives the Wii U is far better exceptional console than both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. “If [people] could hold a controller with two hands and hold a tablet or a smartphone with another hand, there would be no issue. Unfortunately, since it is not possible for humans to do that, you can’t play a game in a way you can play with the Wii U.” – Satoru Iwata, C.E.O. of Nintendo. [9] The Wii U brought a new element to console gaming and made Nintendo branch out and try new methods to attract consumers and change the face of gaming forever.



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The Jiblog’s Most Wanted

The Jiblog’s Most Wanted

Picture of Stereotypical Criminal [1]

I have made a list of all the most dangerous criminals around the world. The crimes these criminals have commit are so heinous that I suggest you collect your thoughts after reading this blog.


Jeromy Wilson’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $344,000,000 [2]

Jeromy “Reich Chains” Wilson

He is the leader of the Mariachi Syndicate who has committed several crimes across Canada and the world. He is wanted for the following things:

  • Bribing several people with TF2 hats
  • Congaing across the streets of Washington D.C. while Cory was in the house
  • Leading a group of dogs to lick a mail man to death
  • Prank calling Pizza Hut
  • Getting called on for disrespect during a water polo game

This man is a threat to the world and has receive a bounty of $344,000,000. Beware this man’s weapon of choice is the gibus hat with pyrovision googles.


Alexander Egoron’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $530,000,000 [3]

Alexander “Pwnclub” Egoron

This 4 star criminal has hacked, cheated, and raged his way as one of the most wanted man in the jib world. He is wanted for the following offences

  • Cheating at Nintendo land (we have proof he did it}
  • Hating on Survivor
  • Bought a Donut and complain there was a hole in it
  • Hates amiibos
  • A viewer of the video Sweet Genius
  • Knowing too much
  • Too Suspect

This maniac is wanted by every country across the world and has received a bounty of $530,000,000. When you encounter him his weapon of choice is a white gauntlet that creates portal.


Sebastiano Martin’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $198,000,000 [4]

Sebastiano “Tipper Gnome” Martin

This top class criminal has committed so many offences that even some criminals have created a cult called “The Followers of Tipper Gnome”. He is wanted for the following things:

  • Releasing the Pokémon Tropius into the streets of New York
  • Lied
  • Lied even more
  • Spent $2.00 on a joke
  • Prefers Rider over Gilgamesh
  • Tasered several people
  • Runs the famous cult “The Worshippers of Tropius”

This liar is a major threat to the Canadian and American government who has a bounty of $198,000,000. Beware he is Tropius’ wizard so he has the blessing of Tropius’ power and he will use it, proceed with caution.


Elliott Ivanskiski’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $216,000,000 [5]

Elliota “The Shrek” Ivanskiski

This man is the most resourceful criminal of all the men in the Jiblog most wanted. He has connection in every continent in the world and his base rumoured to be located in Djibouti. He is wanted for the following offences:

  • Knowing too much about the government
  • Jay walking
  • Called pizza hut and asked them” where could I find good pizza?”
  • Threw swamp water at someone
  • Having relations with a mysterious man named Donkey
  • Robbed a gas station with a banana

This menace is a big threat to the world and has received a bounty of $216,000,000. Beware his weapon of choice is his mind.


Mahruf Khushmohammad’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $666,000,000 [6]

Mahruf “Gaben” Khushmohammad

This 5 star criminal has wreaked havoc among the world for several years now and he is likely to do more. His following offences are:

  • Prank calling Pizza Hut by saying “Pizza Hut more like Pizza But”
  • Creating the song “ We are Russian Dancing Men”
  • Cheating at Mario Party 10
  • Not inviting Cory to the house
  • Hasn’t eaten milk duds

He is one of our most dangerous criminals with a bounty of $666,000,000. Be careful though he is armed with a massive amount of pistols proceed with caution when approaching him.


Najib Hersi’s Wanted Poster Bounty: $850,000,000 [7]

Najib “Funky Dunk” Hersi

He is the most dangerous criminal on this list and has committed offences so heinous that it makes some of the other crimes that the other criminals did look like child’s play. The following offences include:

  • Brought Mountain Dew and Doritos to an outing with friends
  • Being too awesome
  • Has owned an Xbox 360
  • Has created a faction to oppose the whole world the Jib Squad
  • Being too good at Super Smash Bros (been called a hacker)
  • Being too amazing
  • Stole millions of dollars to buy all the amiibos so no one else could have any
  • Lollygagging

He is the most wanted man in the world with a bounty of $850,000,000. Beware don’t approach him he knows how to shout the ancient dragon tongue and several more dangerous abilities.

That’s everyone comment below if you have any leads on the whereabouts of these dangerous criminals.


[1] Clipartpanda.com,. ‘Only Criminals Had Guns? | Clipart Panda – Free Clipart Images’. N.p., 2015. Web. 2 June 2015. http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/only-criminals-had-guns-6559558

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Why Boom Beach is Superior over Clash of Clans

Why Boom Beach is Superior over Clash of Clans

YouTube,. ‘Clash Of Clans Vs Boom Beach (Android Ios)’. N.p., 2015. Web. 27 May 2015.

Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are two of Supercell’s most popular games on the Android and IOS. Clash of Clans is a freemium MMO (massively multiplayer online) which was made in 2012 by Supercell. While Boom Beach is a freemium mobile strategy game which was made in 2013 by Supercell. In my opinion there is no contest between both games because its obvious Boom Beach is the better of the two. The whole point of both games is to make a base powerful enough that other players can’t destroy your town hall (for Clash of Clans) or your head quarters (Boom Beach). You fill your base with resources so you have enough money to buy things and defensive weapons so you can protect your base from other players during an attack. You can also train and level up troops so you can attack other people’s bases or play campaign mode where you deal with goblins (in Clash of Clans) or the Blackguard (Boom Beach). Clash of Clans has more medieval and mystical like setting with characters units such as Barbarians, Archers, Giants, and Dragons. On the other hand Boom Beach has more modern military like setting with units like Rifleman, Bazookas, Heavies, and Doctors. Now that I have given you a general Idea of both games now I’m going to show you why Boom Beach is better than Clash of Clans.

“Boom Beach Base” Touch Arcade,. ‘‘Boom Beach’ Guide – How To Win Without Spending Real Money’. N.p., 2014. Web. 27 May 2015.http://toucharcade.com/2014/04/08/boom-beach-guide/

Boom Beach Has Shorter Build Times

The time to upgrade resources, building, and defensive weapons is so long in Clash of Clans that I want to rip out the small amount of hair I have left. Seriously the time for some of these buildings take forever, it takes two weeks to make a level ten town hall that’s ridiculous. The only upside to having these buildings take a long time to make is that they are multiple builders so you can work on upgrading buildings, defences, and resources. The beautiful thing about boom beach is that building times are a lot faster. I have been playing Boom Beach for about 3 weeks now and I’m at a level 6 Headquarters, it took me almost a year to get to town hall 8. This is because the time difference between upgrades for levels of resources, defences, and building is really short in Boo Beach compared to Clash of Clans.

“Clash of Clans Units” iMore,. ‘Clash Of Clans Archers Unit Guide – Top Tips To Maximize These Deadly Warriors’. N.p., 2014. Web. 27 May 2015.http://www.imore.com/clash-clans-archers-unit-guide-top-tips-maximize-these-deadly-warriors?pg=2

Boom Beach has Better Unit Management/ Attacks

When I played Clash of Clans I felt like the invasions on other peoples bases were a joke now that I look back. Let’s say you want to invade someone’s base for resources you must first train troops for the assault. Also you have army camps to store your troops. I personally don’t have a major problem with the training process but compared to Boom Beach it’s slow and inefficient. In Boom Beach instead of army camps you have landing crafts to store troops for battle. Also replacing units in battle is very quick because you have the option to replace units you have lost in battle. The training costs are cheaper in Boom Beach. Furthermore, you can only hold one type of unit in each landing craft, I found that to be amazing because you can use a wide variety of troops in battle but in Clash of Clans I mostly see people spam one type of troop like Barbarians and Archers. The battles in Clash of Clans compared to Boom Beach like I mentioned earlier are a joke and here is why. In Clash of Clans you just put where your troops one to go then let nature take its course. There is next to no strategy in my opinion because after you put your troops into battle they have a mind of their own and they go and destroy who they please. On the other hand, in Boom Beach you have a weapon called the gunboat you can use before raiding someone’s base. I personally like this weapon because you get three missile with your gunboat and you can potentially destroy at least one defence son that’s were strategy comes into play. Also you have flares so you can actually direct your troops to the direction where they want to go.

“Clash of Clans Crystal Walls”Clash of Clans Guide,. ‘Clash Of Clans Guide -‘. N.p., 2015. Web. 27 May 2015.http://www.clashofclansguide.org/

Boom Beach Has No walls/ Other Benefits

The one thing that wants to make me rip my hair out more than building times are purchasing and placing walls in Clash of Clans. Walls are basically highway robbery because as you level up walls become expenses. At max level one wall part cost 4,000,000 gold which is half of the maximum capacity of gold you can have in the game. It gets worse the maximum amount of wall parts you can have is 250 which I find absurd. Boom Beach has no walls and the closest thing to it are mines which are really cheap. To add there are other benefits to Boom Beach they include:

  • When your base is invaded in Clash of Clans and they succeed in destroying your town hall you will lose part of your resources but, in Boom Beach you won’t and you gain diamonds (a form of currency in Boom Beach that helps you speed up building time and training troops) on the amount of troops you killed
  • The matchmaking for invading bases for Boom Beach is more balanced in Clash of Clans because if you fail unlike in Clash of Clans you have the option to try again until you win. Furthermore, you have the option to pick the opponents you want in Boom Beach but in Clash you got to keep going through random bases until you find one you think you can beat.
  • Boom Beach has a better campaign than Clash of Clans


I hoped you like my post please comment below to share your thoughts on both games and to tell me anything I didn’t mention. Below there is a video of a Boom Beach advertisement that inspired me to play the game hope you guys like it. Now Back to Boom Beach!


(Blogger of The Week): Should 16 year olds be able to Vote in Canada?

(Blogger of The Week): Should 16 year olds be able to Vote in Canada?

A Ballot Box For an Election in Canada [7]

At the age of 16, many Canadians can drive a vehicle, be tried and sentenced as an adult in a court of law, have a job, and pay taxes. Teenagers are just as affected from government policies than the rest of Canada.So the question is why can’t 16 and 17- year-olds vote in a federal election. Having the voting age lowered to 16 will have greater benefits to Canada as whole than not having them vote at all.

Countries across the world such as Argentina, Cuba, and Austria have already taken  steps to lower their voting ages. In 2007, Austria had successfully changed their voting age to 16. This helped change civic and citizenship in their schools and it helped make Austrian youth more interested in their countries affairs.[2]

The reasons why I choose to do this topic is that I learned a lot about the voting system and elections in civics class. I personally find elections to be both interesting and educational. When I watch elections on T.V. read a candidate’s platform online and I would really want to apply what I learned in civics class by having the right to vote.


The percentage of people who voted in the 2011 federal election


Increased Voter Turnout

Canada as a country doesn’t have an amazing turnout when it comes to elections, especially for young adults. For example, the graph above shows that Elections Canada had reported that 38.8% turnout among people ages 18 to 24 in the May 2011 federal election.[1] This was well below the 75.1% of those ages 65 to 74 who actually.To add, the provincial election in B.C. had approximately a 57% voter turnout which happens to be the lowest ever.It is well known that young Canadians are among the least engaged citizens in politics; why not encourage the younger generation of Canadians by allowing them to participate in the voting process.[2]This engagement into politics could then create a passion that could last well into their adult years, raising the percentage of voter turnout across the board.[4]

The main reasons why people don’t vote in general is that they lack the information on political parties and what they stand for. But, if the voting age was lowered 16 in Canada, they will find the accurate information on these parties and share them with their family and friends. This will encourage a lot more people to vote in all kinds of elections in Canada.[3]


They will make well Informed Decisions

By changing the voting age to 16, it will allow Canadian youth to get a voice on how the country is run. It will allow them to express their opinion about federal, provincial, and municipal issues that affect them just as much as any other group of Canadians. For example, education, public transportation, healthcare, employment, and many more. Lowering the voting age will also government more accountable to canadian youth and require them to address the issues that concern most young Canadians.[2].

Also, with most youth having direct access to the Internet, they can read about all there is to know about a candidate, and with a direct stake in the outcome of the election, they would make an informed choice. “In a recent study run by Student Vote, a not-for-profit organization that holds mock elections in elementary and high schools, has data to prove that students would make this informed choice. Before the last federal election, 563,000 students under the age of 18 across the country casted their mock -ballots in this program and elected a Conservative minority with an NDP official opposition – a result that is almost identical to that of the actual election”.[5]


They will be More Engaged in Politics

If the voting age was lowered to 16 more young Canadians would be more passionate about politics. Furthermore, it will develop experiences that will make them successful in improving the way our country works in the future.[3]This will raise their political awareness at a younger age and may lead to more political involvement and a greater connection between young people’s involvement in a variety of political forums such as student councils and students’ union activism”.[6]

This will ensure political investment at a young age and will provide young people with positive steps such as, “civic, social and political engagement is an integral part of an individual’s personal and social development”. They will also apply these traits in their extracurricular activities outside the classroom such as clubs, sports teams, and youth organizations. The right to vote at 16 will serve to empower younger people with the right to influence decisions that will affect their lives.[6]



Even though there are a lot of pros for lowering the voting age to 16 in Canada there are cons that were addressed by other people throughout the internet when I was researching this topic such as young people being too easily swayed by family and friends, them being too inexperienced about political landscape, and them being lazy in general (the cartoon that Is placed above represents how young people are viewed as lazy when it comes to this subject). Some other cons about 16-year-olds voting include:

The Vote Might Not be independent

  • Teens can be highly influenced by those whom they care about
  • Teachers, parents, or even campaigning politicians could influence a younger person’s vote and manipulate them to vote specific ways

Teens Might Not Have Access To Polling Centres

  • In some locations, the driving age has been changed from 16 to 18.
  • This means on voting day, it could be virtually impossible for a teen to find a way to reach a polling center where they could cast their vote.

Younger Voters are Immature

  • Since at 16 your brain is not well developed enough to make well decision
  • They will vote for the person who they believe is cooler[4]


They are Mature enough

One of the main concerns about letting 16 year olds vote is if they are mature enough. I find those statements completely false for several reasons because  “there isn’t a big difference between 16 year olds and 18 year olds when it comes to mental capacity for thought and development. An individual at 16 years of age is mature enough to inform themselves on issues affecting their lives and engage in the political system through the electoral system”.[6] Also, 16-year-olds have gone through 10 years of school so that means they have the necessary knowledge to comprehend a situation in involving the government.

A picture of the slogan Taxation Without Representation [9]

They are Responsible Enough and Have The Right to Better Representation

Earlier I talked about when Canadians turn 16 they face many responsibilities. Many Canadian youth who join the workforce before they graduate high school. Once they get paid they receive deductions from CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) and EI (Employment Insurance). These Canadian youth also pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) which provides the government millions in federal revenue. I find this funny because for all these tax deduction Canadian youth who work get form their pay cheques the least the federal government can do is give them better representation or even better the right to vote. Have you ever heard of “Taxation Without Representation” (shown in the picture above) is probably the best way to describe what im talking about and that is the best reason to lower the voting age to 16.[8]

Also lets be honest here we allow people who don’t have a high school education, people with mental illnesses, and even people with criminal records vote in elections so what’s stopping 16 and 17-year-olds to vote?

Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16 or stay at 18? Leave a comment below to answer the questions or express your opinion on anything regarding the topic. To add, the video below is about the Stand up be counted campaign to give young people a voice on political issues.16-year-old Lauren Cruddas and 18-year-old Fopay Jegede went to Westminster to find out more about the issues surrounding lowering the voting age. There they interview Graham Allen, a politician on his insight of the issue and the two girls have their own small debate about the pros and cons of  lowering the voting age to 16.



  • Should the government try to figure out ways to get more young people engaged in politics if so why?
  • Why do you think people are not interested in voting in elections?
  • If the voting age was lowered what policies would you want the government change in the following, education, healthcare, and employment?
  • Why do you think the voter turnout is low for 18 to 24-year-olds in Canada?



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Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Song Analysis

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Song Analysis

Act 3 for Romeo and Juliet is when tragedy strikes for the Montagues and Capulets. It begins with Tybalt trying to challenge Romeo to a duel but Mercutio steps in for Romeo. It resulted in Mercutio getting stabbed and him dying shortly after. Romeo Immediately getting his revenge by killing Tybalt. The crime results in Romeo getting banished from the city by the Prince. When Juliet hears the news about Tybalt she mourns his loss but she doesn’t think any less of Romeo. When Romeo is informed of his banishment he breaks down in tears because he cannot be with Juliet. Friar Lawrence then calms him down and try’s to think of a solution to his problem.

The two songs I have for this act are “The Banishment”: PRONG or “Beat it”: Michael Jackson.

The first song I want to talk about is “The Banishment”: PRONG. The lyrics to this song are not even close to resembling Romeo and Juliet.

“Cos I’m bored
So I left
No reason for me to hang around this place
I get more and more stress
Nothing anyone can offer more or less
Done grieving, closer to the end
Done grieving, closer to the end”

In the play written by Shakespeare Romeo’s banishment was forced upon by the prince. But, in the lyrics of this song the author seems to be doing it on his own free will because he is bored, he is too stressed, and he is done grieving. But that did not represent Romeo at all.

“Smashed by surprise falls, slashed by irrelevant scolds
I can never heal: who can know bravery?”

These lyrics had no relevance to Romeo and Juliet because the main character doesn’t get affected by those things.

My overall opinion of “The Banishment”: PRONG is that is creepy, loud, and distasteful. But, the song does have a very minor similarity to the play because when Romeo tried to kill himself when he found out he was banished but he was stopped by Friar Lawrence. The lyrics of “The Banishment”: PRONG song say “Done grieving, closer to the end” which I assumed was a thought of suicide.


The next song I want to analyze is “Beat it”: Michael Jackson. Even though there isn’t much to this song it resembles Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet a lot more than “The Banishment”: PRONG.

“They told him, “Don’t you ever come around here.
Don’t wanna see your face. You better disappear.”
The fire’s in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it, just beat it”

I found these lyrics to be both aggressive and exciting because in connection to the play it represent Tybalt wanting to challenge Romeo and you can tell just by hearing these lyrics something huge is going to happen.

“You better run, you better do what you can
Don’t wanna see no blood, don’t be a macho man
You wanna be tough, better do what you can “

These lyrics best described Romeo’s personality and how he approached Tybalt when he was challenged. When Tybalt challenge him Romeo tried to make peace with him by saying:

“I do protest I never injured thee,
But love thee better than thou canst devise,
Till thou shalt know the reason of my love.
And so, good Capulet—which name I tender
As dearly as my own—be satisfied.” (3.1.69-73)

These lyrics shows that Romeo prefers peace over battle so basically I’m saying he is a lover not a fighter.

“’No one wants to be defeated
Showin’ how funky strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right”

These Lyrics say even though you are right and facing a form of injustice don’t go to a fight you know you will lose and risk the lives of others.

My overall opinion of this song is that I love it. Beat it is one of my favourite songs and it represented Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet well. The flaw to Beat it is that only represents scene one which was the fight scene and it didn’t mention any thing about banishment.

Which do you think better represent Act 3 comment below?


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Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Song Analysis

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Song Analysis

Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet is the most cheerful part of the play. This Act includes the famous balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet confess their love for each other and decide to get married. Romeo then arranges plans with Friar Lawrence and the nurse tells Juliet to meet him at the chapel. This act also includes the famous lines that make Romeo and Juliet still well known to this day

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.
Be not her maid since she is envious.
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.
It is my lady. O, it is my love!
O, that she knew she were!”

Now I want to compare two modern day songs “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “Closer” by Ne-Yo. I want to see which one better represents Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet.


Love Story

To start, “Love Story”, by Taylor Swift was clearly inspired by Romeo and Juliet and includes a lot of elements of the play in that song. The song lyrics reference Romeo and Juliet and so does the imagery display. The imaginary flashback takes place in 14th century Verona with the costumes and the setting resembling Romeo and Juliet in a high degree. Also the song is sung in Juliet’s perspective mostly then changing to Romeo’s perspective in some parts of the song.

The lyrics have a great connection to Romeo and Juliet.

“See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
See you make your way through the crowd
And say hello little did I know
That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said, “Stay away from Juliet”
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you, please, don’t go”

The similarities is that it resembles the Capulet party and both Romeo and Juliet’s parents are against them being together. The key differences between the lyrics and the play are in the lyrics where Juliet’s father tells Romeo to “Stay away from Juliet,” Capulet never told Romeo in the play to stay away from Juliet. Also she never goes to cry in a staircase.

“So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet ’cause we’re dead if they knew”

The similarity to the play is that during the balcony scene Juliet feared for Romeo’s life because if they were caught Capulet would probably have Romeo killed. The difference is they never snuck into a garden together, Romeo came by himself and startled Juliet

.“Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say yes”

These lyrics resembled the play very well because Romeo and Juliet shared their love for each other during the balcony scene. They decided to get married so the play Romeo and Juliet is at heart a love story.

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift is the best representation of Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. Now lets move on to the next song “Closer” by Ne-Yo and see how the song relates to Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare.



“Closer” by Ne-Yo isn’t something to get excited about. The song has almost no connection to Romeo and Juliet and the lyrics are very repetitive.

“I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
And I just can’t break myself no way
But I don’t want to escape
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop
I just can’t stop

I can feel her on my skin
I can taste her on my tongue
She’s the sweetest taste of sin
The more I get the more I want
She wants to own me
Come closer
She says “come closer”

The only thing relevant to these lyrics are that this is a connection to the feelings Romeo has to Juliet like how he can’t stop being with her. Then the rest of lyrics sound sexual rather than them being romantic.

“She’s the sweetest taste of sin”

In the play Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is considered a sin by their families but Ne-Yo probably put that in a different context.


In summary “’Love Story” by Taylor Swift better represents Romeo and Juliet by using moments from the play, their lyrics, and their imagery display. They also incorporate the balcony scene and the ideas of running away and getting married. “Closer” by Ne-Yo has lyrics that show Romeo’s strong desire for Juliet but in the end its basically a sexual song.



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Top 10 Things I Like and Top 10 Things I Hate

Top 10 Things I Like and Top 10 Things I Hate



  1. My Family
  2. Friends
  3. Wii U
  4. Steam
  5. Amusement Parks
  6. Survivor
  7. Master chef
  8. Sports
  9. Red velvet cake
  10. Anime


Don’t Like


  1. Bees
  2. Xbox
  3. Repeating myself
  4. Annoying people
  5. Soup
  6. Stealing
  7. Sitcoms
  8. Mario Party 8
  9. Tea
  10. Mario Party 10



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